Starting to make your own decisions may be a fun adventure, but your parents want to know that you’ll be at least as well as
you would be in a traditional school.

We have good news for both of you: at FLEXISCHOOL you will enjoy making choices for your life and they will have
peace of mind knowing that you are in a healthy, stimulating environment with a supportive community.

Here are a few facts that will make you feel good…

We are not anti-system, but we are hyper-pragmatic.
The current academic system prepares young people for jobs they won’t find; with 85% of jobs not invented yet and a rigid, standardized curriculum. In Flexischool, we explore and lay the foundations of your future through customized itineraries using AI to get ahead of the future.
Flexibility and discipline are compatible

You are the protagonist of your life, the LEM will advise and accompany you to make decisions, organize yourself and adapt a program that best suits your flexible schedules and get the most out of your day. Rigor and excellence are achieved through personal choices, not imposed from rigidity.

Performance and excellence: the best professors and institutions

The 1:25 teacher-student ratio versus a worldwide pool of specialized experts and prestigious degrees is one of the biggest problems of the current system. Teachers can and should upgrade their role in the system. At Flexischool, we focus on your skills and progress alongside the world’s best professionals.

You’re unique: enhance your talents
Your interests and skills make you a unique person, you don’t have to adapt to a generic and compulsory training offer to survive. Work together with your LEM (guidance counselor) to access flexible, complementary studies and create your own educational itinerary of excellence. Choose and dedicate yourself to what is really important, we take care of the rest.
We help you to take care of yourself so that you feel better
Young people are protagonists of the change towards a better world and knowing yourself well is important in order to progress. At Flexischool we combine your educational purpose with an intention of transcendence, allowing you to explore and manage your emotions and be an agent of change from the first minute.
Learn what the market is really demanding
72.9% of teachers say their students are not prepared for the working life. Achieve ambitious academic and professional goals with certifications from the best universities and companies in the world. Don’t waste your time, learn from the best and gain access to the most prestigious institutions.


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