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We give you a hand when your dreams need it.

Deciding where to direct your educational path and future career is important and many doubts may arise. That is why we want to accompany you at all times, providing you with the necessary information, tools and confidence, and help you in your personal development as well as in your professional future.
Learning Experience manager
You will count on your:
tutor académico


Your LEM will accompany and discover with you what you need to achieve your maximum academic and professional development: you will work on your thoughts, emotions, knowledge and behaviors as you have never done before.
Psicólogo consultivo


Through conversations and development sessions, the LEM will help you reach your goals and dreams, either by implementing changes, acquiring new competencies or developing skills. You will define objectives, the best strategies to achieve them and measure your progress.
Orientador universitario


Through the use of artificial intelligence, the LEM will show you in real time the job positions that best fit your interests and competency profile, as well as the higher studies that could best help you to enhance your talents.
Life Learning Coach


The use of technology will allow the LEM guiding you throughout the learning process, offering different itineraries and options so that you can achieve all your dreams.

Academic tutors

University counselors
Consulting psychologists

Life Learning Coach

Why do universities and employers value your portfolio more than your grades?

Universities and companies begin to value more your experience and non-academic knowledge that show more the skills and competences you have developed than a certain grade.

In flexischool from minute one, we guide you so that you can create a curriculum vitae (Live) in constant learning and change, instead of a curriculum mortis (Dead), which is a fixed image in time.


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