We know High School is a stage in which we all have many doubts. This is normal. That is why it is important for us that you are accompanied at all times and so we can help you both in your personal development and in your professional future.

You will be accompanied by:
The LEM who will discover with you what your needs are to advance academically and professionally: you will work on your thoughts, emotions, behaviours…discovering things you didn’t know or were not aware of.
Through powerful questions and thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the LEM will help you achieve a goal that you have previously dreamed of, whether it is a change, the acquisition of a new competence or the development of a new skill.

The LEM will be able to show you in real time which are the job positions that best fit with your competence profile, and the universities that can best help you to enhance your talents, all thanks to artificial intelligence.

The use of technology will allow the LEM to guide you throughout the learning process, offering you different itineraries and options so that you can achieve your objectives.

All students will have a monthly session with the LEM to discuss their progress, and a termly session to decide academic and professional pathways.

Academic tutors

University counsellors

Counselling psychologists

Life Learning Coach

Why do universities and employers value your portfolio more than your grades?

Universities and companies start to value more your experience, experiences and non-academic knowledge that show more about the skills and competences that you have developed than an academic grade.

In flexischool from the first moment we will guide you so that you can create a curriculum vitae (Living) in constant movement and change, instead of a curriculum mortis (Dead), which is a fixed image in time.

Prepare for standardised tests (SATs / ACTs)
Transfer Credits

Attend face-to-face workshops

How to get my first job course